Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Dress Hunt (Final Edition)

Rule number one: Don't ever let your best friends tell you that trying on dresses at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills is a good idea. Don't let them lure you with ideas of giggling, designer dresses, and bottles of champagne. I don't care that it's been four months since you've seen your best friends, that both of them are your maids-of-honor, and that this girls' trip to the bridal department of an upscale store sounds all-too-delightfully-fun and Pretty Woman-like. (No, I'm not a prostitute, but you get the idea). 

Because, if you do bite, if you even nibble at their supportive, ultra-fun, best-friends-a-girl-could-have behavior, you'll end up like this...

Drum Roll Please.


Julianna is a part of Christos's Spring 2009 collection:

Below is the face the reader "fabulouslyengaged" described in her comment on my first dress post: "When you find 'the one' it will just speak to you...When I tried on my dress...I just burst out laughing when I saw myself in it because I LOVED how it looked on me."

Julianna was one day away from being in New York the day I tried her on. She was a part of a trunk show that had ended the day before my appointment with Saks. But, the dresses were still out on the floor about to be packed up. 

This particular sample also happened to be a size 2 which is why I could get a real feel for how she would fit me. When does that ever happen?

Now for the secret: Julianna actually has cap sleeves, but I'm removing them. They are covered in rhinestones and pearls. I'm going to remove the pearls and use them to make necklaces for my bridesmaids. 

While Julianna was way over my budget ($3600) what else was I to do? She felt perfect. I mean, I got that silly grin on my face swimming in all of that taffeta. I knew it was fate. The plus side? You get 10% off when you open a Saks card ($360 score!) and, if I have her shipped to me in New Mexico, I pay $50 for shipping but no California tax which is around 9% ($325ish) I think. Alterations at Saks are not cheap--$450 no matter how much or little you need--so I'm taking Julianna elsewhere. I don't need much (just a hem job on the bottom and maybe having her taken in a tiny bit on top) but Julie Jones from Encore Bridal recommended Coco Alterations in Redondo Beach. 

Now, I'm just waiting by the phone for the saleswoman to tell me she's arrived at Saks. Sigh.

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  1. wow - congrats on your dress! Who cares how much it cost. mine cost 2k, but I'm consoling myself that I'll sell it after the wedding (what do you wear your wedding dress for after the wedding, anyways? I say pass on the love!)
    haha btw I love how you go from "OMG ::cracking up laughing:: this is so ridiculously the dress!! " to "sigh... I am so a bride". redonk! ;)