Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Colors. Finally.

After I posted about my two color palette options (yellow/brown/cream/white or peach/dusty rose/pink/white/gold), I was going back through some of my posts and came across a comment from the lovely Miss Glitter. She passed along a link that encompassed both of my color-scheme options in harmony (something I hadn't even thought about). I was completely inspired by what she sent along--golds, blushes, wheat, peaches, and creams. The board was built around the golden hills of California which I love because I'm from there. To me, these colors felt like home.

Thanks Miss Glitter!

To find more inspiration like this, I went up to Snippet & Ink's search engine and typed in various shades from this picture one at a time to find other inspiration boards with similar tones: "blush," "wheat," "gold," "almond." This one popped up, which I loved for its richness.


I'm not longer finding specific colors for our color scheme. I'm going to use these two images to help me make decisions and go from there. Our palette will look something like this: blush, dusty rose, peach, cream, white, gold, wheat and taupe. And I am perfectly happy with its many variations. Plus, Mr. Cowboy Boot likes it too!

Did you find specific colors to work with or were you open to having variation in the mix?

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