Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flower Girl or Flower Child?

We are planning on having lots of little ones scurrying around the wedding. Not only do two of our friends have buns in the oven, but Mr. Cowboy Boot has two young nieces and I have one young cousin. When I say "young," I'm talking around four. Beyond that, there are others with wee little ones all the way up to twelve year olds. We love kids and couldn't imagine our wedding without them. I mean, if we considered dogs, how could we nix kids?

Ms. Cowboy Boot Cousin

These three lovely, little ladies (CB's nieces and my cousin) will make up our flower-girl trio. And they couldn't be more excited. My four-year-old cousin, for instance, came along to a dress trial in Los Angeles one day. Somehow, she managed to slip into a dressing room with one of those dresses where the rose petals hang loose in the fabric and high heels that were twelve sizes to large for her. She didn't want to take any of it off.

No matter her love for $100 flower-girl dresses, I've been very adamant about finding dresses that won't break the bank. Nothing over $50. And, I'm not worried about formal. There's nothing sweeter than a little girl in a simple white cotton dress with bare feet running in the grass. Okay, they'll probably be wearing shoes, but you get the idea.

While I don't have pics of Mr. CB's lovely nieces, I can only introduce you to my little cousin. We'll call her the beautiful Cowboy Boot Cuz. Here she is, doing her best flower-girl impression in a couple of dresses she already owns.

While I adore the dresses she already owns, I came across this eyelet number on AngelWear will make them custom for the girls...for only $28 each! I really want a fun, vintage-y eyelet and she's agreed to make them out of whatever fabric I find.


I love their hippie, love child feel. And, with a flower in their hair, they couldn't look more adorable.

Where did you find your flower girl dresses?

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