Monday, July 20, 2009

Escorting the Escort Cards

Now that I've given you the basic idea of our escort cards or place cards (whichever you prefer to call them), I'm still struggling to figure out how to display them. I'm pretty stuck on two options, but please, expand my horizons.

Tied to horseshoes? Believe it or not, a woman in my office donated a bucket of horseshoes to me, knowing I wanted to use them in my decor somehow. She has horses and, unfortunately, this bucket is full of used horseshoes so I'll be doing some hosing off.

I'm completely ga-ga for all three ways, below (in a wagon with grass, in an antique shade, or strung from a clothesline)...

Our guests will be snagging their escort cards as they head into the barn from its deck (where our cocktail hour will be). If we wanted to do the clothesline thing, I'm not sure how we would hang it (given there are no trees on the deck).

We do have a pretty adorable, rustic, wagon-like table but do I really want to drive it six hours? It's tempting.

What did you do to display your escort cards? Or what are you planning on? Any ideas for me?

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