Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Second Go-Round?

A while back, when I started sifting through WeddingWire for hair and make-up artists, I also decided to shoot Mrs. Cookie a note asking who did her hair and make-up as her wedding was held only about two hours from my venue. Now, two hours away may sound like a lot for a vendor to travel but because our wedding is rather remote (two hours from Denver in the mountains), like Mrs. Cookie's, there was a good possibility that Mrs. Cookie's make-up artist would be willing to work mine as well.

Yesterday, I headed up to Colorado Springs to meet with Mrs. Cookie's artist, Liz (the regional manager at Bobbi Brown), for a make-up trial. Previously, I had a trial with Katelyn Simkins.

I headed to The Broadmoor (where Liz works sometimes) armed with more inspiration photos, such as these two:

Liz told me to have a seat and she went to work. I told her I was going for a natural, coral, gold, and the "less-is-more" look.

Here's what came out on the other side (Note: It was very, very humid outside, although I'm supposed to look a little dewy).

I'm loving the natural, yet glowing result. She told me she'll do everything a tiny bit more dramatic on the day of the wedding which is good because I love me some cheek color. Blushing bride, anyone?

It took us 15 products (not counting brushes) to achieve the overall look. My daily routine consists of about five: moisturizer, blush, mascara, eyeshadow, and gloss. So, this feels like a ton for something so natural-looking. That said, it didn't actually feel like a ton on my face.

Here are the Bobbi Brown products we used:


Face Oil for my desert-like skin ($60)

Hydrating Face Cream = "A glass of water for your skin" ($50)

Foundation Stick ($40) in color 3.5 or 3--she used it only in places I needed, not all over

Corrector in Bisque ($22), applied with a concealer brush ($25). This is extra coverage for under eye circles. I had had a late night the night before.

Creamy Concealer in Beige ($22)

Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Pale Yellow ($34)

Bronzing Powder in Light ($33), if needed (we didn't use it at the trial)

Birch Eyeshadow for my eyebrows ($20), applied with an eyebrow brush ($25). We also used this color in the crease of my eyes.

Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Sandy Gold ($22) for my lower lid

Metallic Eye Shadow in Gold Dust ($20) over the Sandy Gold

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Sepia Ink ($21) applied with an ultra fine brush ($25)


Apricot Shimmer Brick Compact ($38)--I've used the shimmer brick for years

Shimmer Blush in Coral ($22)


Lip Gloss in Buff ($20)

And one more shot of how it came together:

For the big day, I definitely want her to make everything a little more dramatic--my lips and cheeks in particular.

What do you think of this make-up trial? Anything I should have Liz do differently?

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