Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding Crashers, Anyone?

Two nights before the wedding (a Friday), we expect our bridal party and a few other people will be roaming around Devil's Thumb Ranch and the surrounding areas looking for something to do. Our rehearsal dinner won't be going on until the following night and since it's a destination wedding, we're pretty sure quite a few of our guests will already be in town, making a vacation of it! So, we figure we should provide a little wedding-related entertainment.

Enter: Wedding Crashers. Yes, the movie. I mean, who doesn't looooove Rachel McAdams? One of the unique things about our venue is that it has a 37-person movie theater, so we're taking full advantage.

We're renting it out, supplying popcorn, sodas, and candy, and making sure Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's fabulous antics are displayed across the big screen for all to see.

Sure, this movie's not serious and it doesn't contemplate the ups and downs of marriage, but we're hoping to put our guests in a silly, laid back mood for the wedding weekend. We want them to have some fun (and we want to have some fun too!).

If you were going to throw a movie night, what film would you feature? Any other great wedding movies I failed to mention above?

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