Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good Bridesmaid!

A couple of days ago, Bridesmaid AC was skimming through while at work (like a good bridesmaid) when she came across something she thought I might like. Boy, was she right! I clicked on the link she sent over and, bingo, there were our escort cards.


I'd gone back and forth between doing horse breeds as our table names versus the traditional number scheme. I even dreamt of Mr. CB slaving away at drawings of each breed similar to the horse he drew for our save-the-date. Unfortunately, Mr. CB didn't feel the same way and off I went, in search of something to suffice.

Enter etsy seller: seasonaldelights. I contacted her and let her in on my plan. I thought maybe she could make us table cards that matched her adorable gift cards and people could match up the image on their respective tags. We'll most likely have ten tables. She happened to have nine horse images on hand. The tenth? Mr. CB's, which will definitely be our table!

The seller said can replace the string with ribbon and make the matching table cards at any size we want. I'm considering having the escort cards sent to a calligrapher so people's names can be added--I definitely should not write them.

Seasonaldelights has some other gorgeous cards and tags! Check them out these images from her site, below:

Should we do ten tables of horses (that are a little bit similar and might get confusing) or should we intersperse some other farm animals? Would it be weird if we did five horse tables and sprinkled in the others?

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