Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Motherload

I've written about my garage sale habits before--those bright orange, yellow, or green signs luring me from street corners on Saturday mornings. This past weekend, though, I hit: The Motherload. In between brunch with friends and an afternoon hike, I turned into a small pocket in Santa Fe following three signs. The first, less than exciting, but the second? A vintage store-owner purging her life of all her old finds.

Everything was in stellar condition. Her driveway (which was very big) was full of vintage kitchen goods and beautiful crystal dishes; racks of embroidered, flared, and flowy cotton; a rack taller than me swirling with adorable aprons; and much, much more.

Here's what I walked away with (for a total of $28):

A blush-colored pearl clutch. There are a few pearls missing but I love it anyway.
(That's my dress fabric around it)

A beautiful vintage junior bridesmaid dress. We'll replace the lavender ribbon with something in our scheme.

The front two cake stands. I'm trying to build a collection of 12 for our pie bar.

I mentioned to the woman running the yard sale that these items were for my wedding. She was so thrilled she gave me five little goodies for my bridesmaids as gifts as well as a bunch of vintage fabric. I'm using this (along with other fabric I've collected) to make napkins, tablecloths, and other pops of color.

Have you checked out garage sales for goods for your wedding? What have you found?

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