Friday, July 24, 2009

The Whole Round-Up

Our invitations came in two parts. Mainly because our stationer had to skip out of work for a week to attend her sister's wedding. So, hey, I can't complain right? Weddings, as we all know, are a very valid excuse for most anything.

Since they came in two parts, I've been staring at the first bunch (about 90% of the goods) for almost two weeks and trying to find ways to "play" with them. I stamped the RSVP envelopes, I numbered the RSVPs in case guests forget to write their names and I tied and re-tied the raffia once or twice. Today, I received the second part, our handkerchiefs. The portion of the invitations that will display our home-drawn map (Mr. CB's drawing, not mine. Luckily). Ready for 'em? Cuz I am.

The whole suite (including our rehearsal dinner invites, bottom right):

The invitation, itself:

The hang tag, featuring our website:

The RSVP card and its return envelope:

Our return address on the main envelope (my favorite part):

The map Mr. CB drew featured on a 14" x 14" handkerchief. Surprisingly, this adds no weight to our $1.39 postage.

The suite, once more.

Ta-da! What do you think? I love gocco! And, I love these.

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