Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stop the Presses!

Remember how I had decided to take the cap sleeves from my dress and use them as an embellishment around my waist instead? While in the dressing room, I convinced myself I liked this (even though I've always been into more simple things). The oohing and aahing from my mom and the seamstress had me going. But, I got home and looked over the pictures again and again, wondering if this was really, well, me.

This hint of beading added a silver-y tint to the overall look that I thought I could get past. You see, I'm much more into warm, golden tones, but then I started looking for jewelry and realized gold earrings just weren't going to jive. This silver hurdle was kind of throwing my whole mojo off.

Then, while flipping through my J. Crew catalog today, I stumbled across this silk sash.

And it just made sense. Look how cute you can tie it? And I only imagine it looking twenty times more gorgeous on a wedding dress than on these everyday clothes.


I immediately called Saks to see if the waistband had already been finished and, sure enough, it wasn't. I told them to hold off.

No, the sash from J. Crew is not as formal. And, I may not even end up liking it once it arrives in the mail. But it totally falls under soft, romantic, and feminine and fits all of the inspiration boards I've been using as guides to color and decor and feel.

And, if I decide not to use it, I can look for one I like or have one made via Etsy or just go without, which I love too.

The other upside is I can wear all the gold I want.

Need a reminder of what my dress looks like without the embellishment?

What do you think? Do you like the flower sash? The waistband embellishment? Or completely without?

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