Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Obsessed Than Ever

For awhile, there was radio silence. But that was actually my fault. I kept heading back to my photographer, Tec Petaja's, blog but nothing had been updated. Apparently, I was going to the wrong blog. He's moved, redesigned and updated over and over again without my knowing!

Now that I've stumbled upon him all over again, I can't help but swoon. You all might recognize him from the iconic duo Chelsea and Tec, who were all over the wedding blogs. To be honest, the weddings he shoots are so darn cool I'm worried ours might not live up to the standards! I guess that helps to keep me motivated when it comes to finishing our creative DIY details.

Between real weddings, though, Tec shot this Nashville Lifestyles wedding edition story. Oh. My. Can we talk about adorable? She's making me want to wear my hair down.

So stunning. Hopefully, our wedding turns out as beautiful as this styled one.

Has your photog's blog got you smitten? Is it making you even more excited for your wedding?

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